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Visual Studio Code




If your latest files are on the server, you can start with an empty local folder, then download your project, and from that point sync.

      1. In VS Code, open a local directory you wish to sync to the remote server (or create an empty directory that you wish to first download the contents of a remote server folder in order to edit locally).
      2. Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows/Linux or Cmd+Shift+P on Mac open command palette, run SFTP: config command.
      3. A basic configuration file will appear named sftp.json under the .vscode directory. Edit the parameters to match your setup.

For instance:
"name": "Profile Name",
"host": "name_of_remote_host",
"protocol": "sftp",
"port": 22,
"secure": true,
"username": "username",
"remotePath": "/public_html/project", <---- This is the path which will be downloaded if you "Download Project"
"password": "password",
"uploadOnSave": true

PHP Intelephense

Prettier – Code formatter

GitHub Copilot

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sudo snap install phpstorm --classic


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