Servidor de correo completo

Configuración del servidor SMPT, servidor IMAP y webmail

Tu propio servidor de correo en 20 minutos


Instalación de un servidor de correo completo:

Build Your Own Email Server on Ubuntu: Basic Postfix Setup

Set up Dovecot IMAP server and TLS encryption

Creating SPF and DKIM record to get through spam filters

Setting Up DMARC to protect your domain reputation

Install Roundcube Webmail on Ubuntu with MySQL

Blocking Email Spam with Postfix (Don’t be an Open Relay)

Set Up Local DNS Resolver on Ubuntu 22.04/20.04 with BIND9


Cliente de correo:





How to Set Up Postfix SMTP Relay on Ubuntu with Sendinblue

How to Set up Postfix SMTP Relay on Ubuntu with Mailjet

How to Set Up SMTP Relay Between 2 Postfix SMTP Servers on Ubuntu


Email Testing:

Email Testing – Why It’s Important & What Should You Test?


 Solo envío de correo:



Install Mailu mail server on Ubuntu 22.04


Más información:

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How to Setup a Complete Mail Server

Instalar y configurar un servidor de correo electrónico con Postfix y SquirrelMail

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